Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Have you filled a bucket today?

Have you filled a bucket today?

A friend from school recently told me about a great little idea called "Bucket filling." 

The concept is a behaviour management strategy based around everyone having their own imaginary bucket. We can fill people's buckets up and make them feel good with compliments, actions, words etc. But, we can also dip from people's buckets by saying hurtful things or our actions.


The "Bucket filling" concept encourages students to think of others and zero in on how their actions can sometimes directly influence people's emotions in either a good or bad way. This therefore enables students to take accountability for their actions and words. 

This is an example of a bucket filling wall in a classroom made from envelopes. You can also use plastic cups and get the students to individually decorate the cups however they like.

Above is a copy of a blank bucket that student can decorate. Make sure students put their names on the envelopes/cards somewhere!

If students want to say something nice, they can fill out one of the sheets above and place it into the respective bucket.

We also read the book, "Have you filled a Bucket today?" by Carol Mc Cloud before creating our own buckets.

This is such a gorgeous idea! Thanks to my friend Di for this! 

One thing to keep in mind is some students may get left out, so keep a close eye on the buckets!

Hope you love this as much as me!




  1. Tag you're it! Hop over to see what this is about.


  2. This is a great book and a great lesson. I did it in my 2nd grade class last year with wonderful results. I started in Jan. as I felt they'd be more mature and receptive.

  3. I am a first grade teacher. I use this book every year. We have one bucket for the entire classroom. When the bucket is full we have a extra recess or special treat. It is a great way to reinforce positive behavior.

  4. How can I make this really wow for an interview?