Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mr. Cuddles

Hi everyone!

I apologize for not posting for a while - turns out first year teaching is a lot more work than I could possibly imagine! 

My stats indicate I am getting a lot of views on my blog but not many comments. Please if you would like to suggest anything or ask me any questions, please feel free to comment. I am more than happy to answer any questions!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce, Mr. Cuddles! 

This is Mr. Cuddles taking a bath - he was VERY dirty

Almost forgot the shower cap!

Mr. Cuddles enjoying his bath

Mr. Cuddles drying off in style!
Mr. Cuddles brushing his teeth.

Everyday someone new gets to take home Mr. Cuddles for a fun evening packed full of excitement! I decided to take Mr. Cuddles home this weekend because he was getting a bit dirty! He spent the weekend with me and enjoying his bath. 

Mr. Cuddles goes home with a journal - students are invited to write a recount of their time spent with Mr. Cuddles and the wonderful and exciting things they got up to. Photos are also really great!!

The purpose of taking Mr. Cuddles home is to instill a love of writing in the students. It also allows students to write for a purpose and entertain their audience with fantastic recounts and pictures. Rather than... what I did on the weekend... zzzzzzzz.... 

The students in my class absolutely LOVE taking Mr. Cuddles home and it is a great incentive for good behaviour. Even the boys can't wait to take him home!

Unfortunately I cannot show student pictures due to Department regulations but I can tell you that Mr. Cuddles has been eating, sleeping, skate boarding, bike riding, playing dress ups, travelling around our lovely state and he even got to ride a sheep! 

Hopefully you too can start something like this up and get your students excited about writing.